Divide the year 2007 into 2 parts so that the second part is 4 times as large as the first part.

1. In the larger part there are ........ days

2. How many days are there in the shorter part?

3. If the shorter part starts on January 1st, when does it end?

Answer :

It doesn't matter which year it is. As long as it's not a leap year, it has 365 days.

If the second part has 4 slices in it and the first part is one slice, then you've
cut the whole thing up into 5 slices, and each slice is 365/5 = 73 days.

1). In the larger part, there are 4 slices x 73 days = 292 days.

2). In the shorter part, there is one slice of 73 days.

3). If the shorter part starts on January, it ends on the 73rd day
of the year.  Pull out a calendar and count 'em.
The 73rd day looks like it's March 14.