Which of the following accurately describes the white army?
a) hoped to create a military dictatorship
b) wanted to redistribute land
c) was headed by leon trotsky
d) had the support of the peasants

Answer :

White Army are best describes as hope to create a military dictatorship. They were also known as simply whites or white guards. This group of white army did not fight with the same goals. However, they were led by different generals with different goals and methods of fighting. They were quite independent and lack of coordination. Most of the white Armies where led by the former generals with unique skills and expertise when it came to leadership. White Armies failure were caused by their lack of cooperation and communication, and because of their Generals that instead of helping each other, compete with each other.

The correct answer is a) hoped to create a military dictatorship

The remaining three options were actually the complete opposite of what the white army wanted since they were anti communists and those options were supported by communists. They supported the monarchy and the Russian orthodox church and they fought against the bolsheviks in the Russian civil war which they lost.