Which development occurred in Germany as a result
of the terms imposed by the Treaty of Versailles?
(1) Soviet occupation
(2) political instability
(3) overseas expansion
(4) economic prosperity

Answer :

(2) political instability
the treaty of versailles is what ended world war I, germany was faced to pay reparations, take the blame, have their army shrunken, and lost territory. because of these four things, germany began to become unstable
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Answer:   2. Political instability

Explanation:  According to the Treaty of Versailles, which officially ended the First World War, Germany was flagged as the main culprit for war, forced to reduce arms and military, lose part of the territory, and had to pay war damages. All this affected the great political and economic instability of Germany between the two world wars, which led to the rise of Nazism and the launching of the military industry, which will prove to be the factor that led to the Second World War.