What statement explains Ethel Rosenberg's role in the espionage case? She was a member of the Communist Party. She recruited her brother to pass secrets to the Soviets. She was a secretary in the Manhattan Project. She was an informant for the Communist Party.

Answer :

I believe the answer is: "She recruited her brother to pass secrets to the Soviets"

David Greenglass (Ethel Rossenberg's brother) was working as a laboratory workers in project Manhattan, which is supposed to be a secret because it contain United states latest nuclear development. Because of his crime, David served for almost 10 years in prison.

The statement that best  explains Ethel Rosenberg's role in the espionage case  was that She recruited her brother to pass secrets to the Soviets.

Further Explanations:

The design of the atomic bomb prepared during the cold war in the Manhattan Project came with a great risk of its espionage. Ethel Rosenberg was among the engineers who were working on it and was also a member of the “Young Communist Party”. She was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation . in charge of sending secret documents of the atomic bomb to Soviet executives through his brother David Green glass. It is also said that it was his contribution that helped USSR to develop his nuclear arsenal.She stood with the statement that she was innocent and refused of being a conspirator but, because of her communist background she was taken as a traitor. Fear of communism and antagonism went against her. “McCarthyism” and the “Red Scare trials” convinced American officials of the conviction on her and stated the trial and punishment fair. Though she was sentenced to being a conspirator, the citizens of America believed her as the martyr of the anti-communist sentiment.  

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