Answer :

“3rd eyelid” that covers the eyes, but is transparent -- J. Watch for obstacles and prey while still protecting the eyes

Long eyelashes -- E. Keep desert sand out of eyes 

Eyes set on the side of the head -- I. Watch for predators approaching from the side or behind 

Eyes set in front -- G. “binocular” 3D vision to better hunt prey 

Large amounts of body fat -- H. keep warm in an icy habitat 

Staying under rocks at midday -- B. keep cool in a hot habitat 

Bright, colorful markings -- A. warn predators away by appearing toxic 

Drab, brown coloration -- D. camouflage from predators in the dirt

Singing a loud, complicated song -- F. attracting more mates than others 

Remaining so still that breathing is not detectable -- C. prey will come right up to be captured