Under new imperialism, Europe did not need large numbers of people to control territories because of A.) decades of proven leadership under old imperialism B.) improved transportation, communication, and other advantages C.) carefully forged relationships with colonies’ existing governments. D.) strong central control from within European nations.

Answer :

Under new imperialism, Europe did not need large numbers of people to control territories because of:

(B) Improved transportation, communication, and other advantages.

Further explanation

The decades of European leadership over their old colonies did not influence the control of new territories. The countries, cultures, and political situations were so variable. The European experiences may have taught some important rules to new settlers, but it was not enough to allow them to lead better with fewer people.

The new settlers did not rely at all on the governments in place in their colonies to gain influence. When Europeans occupied new land, they took control of its politic and all parts of society.

The major change that happened at the end of the 18th century and in the first half of the 20th century was the development of transport and telecommunication. For example, the phone appeared in 1880 and the airplanes around 1910. In that time, the weapons became more efficient and helped better to stop the rebellions as well. All of these developments made easier the controlling over colonies.

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Under new imperialism, Europe did not need large numbers of people to control territories because of  improved transportation, communication, and other advantages.

Further Explanations:

Imperialism stands for stretching  the nation's buff over other  nations either through military alliance or political propagandas. The only aim of the policy is to extend nations' territories with any means. European decade leadership over their prior colonies never emphasizes on the stretching its control over new territories. The European nation has a diverse  range of cultural and political situation  and they would have thought of specific rules for the settlers, but those rules might not be enough to make them a leader .  

Under Europeans imperialism, the newly occupied lands were  governed politically. The colonists were taking control  of the governmental and other societal organization and for that reason, they didn’t require a large mass of people for their governance. Numerous other factors such as the development of a transport facility in the 20th century and the invention of the telephone added more strength  to their governance propaganda.  

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