Answer :

Here are some key points you can make:
-Aid in communication (webcams, able to speech to people at the tip of our fingers at any time)
-Research (Easily able to get info from reputable sources
-Enhance daily lives (Online shopping, etc.)

Really hope that helped you get started, good luck. :)
Using computers and the internet develops important skills in young people. Teens can visit different countries and cities. They meet new people and communicate with their peers from different countries. They learn a lot about the life of people from other countries. Young people find a lot of useful information in the Internet. 
Technology has created less free time rather than more. Teenagers spend much time chatting and living in virtual world. They have no time for real communication with their peers. 
Another interesting feature of computer is to share files with different devices. If you follow the simple instructions you will be able to access your music library, a collection of movies, and photos from vacation on a laptop, 2 in 1 device, tablet and smartphone. Thanks to the transfer of files, all your data will always be at your fingertips, and you can even show them to your friends!
Thanks to computer and devices 2 in 1 streaming the music has ceased to be a tedious process of waiting spool files. If you connect your favorite stations Internet radio or even in your own home library you will be able to enjoy your music without a hitch, interference or outages.You can use your computer to play DVDs, watch streaming video online, or even connect to the account Netflix* or Hulu* for movies!
With Internet connection you will be able to stream and watch your favorite TV shows using Hulu*, Youtube*, Vimeo* or other web sites from anywhere in the world. Many TV shows can be watched directly on the websites of channels.

But children need more play time in order to develop into healthy adults. They should spend much more time in the fresh air. Adolescents should keen on sport:  swimming, athletics and others. Computer games are not useful for their health.